Vicky Morrison

Vicky Morrison

What am I hungry for???

Fall is upon me and the bounty of the harvest is my personal fav! All those yummy root veggies that begin to ground me for the winter months that are coming. I reflect on the incredible transformation a seed goes through in order to enjoy the nourishment it gives me not only for my body but for my life. Planting the seed of a carrot is not much different than planting life seeds. It is not enough to just plant seeds in my life, I also need to tend and nurture what I plant in order to reap the benefits of it.

In cultivating changes I must continually work with it feeding it with kindness, acceptance and compassion. I can not just expect that it will flourish on its own without committing to the care of it. In order for the changes to be rooted in my life I must create a fertile environment in order for them to become a strong deeply rooted change, even when the conditions are not always favourable I must keep tending to those changes the best way I can. In the end the life food I take in will ultimately be the nourishment I need for my health, wealth and wellbeing. I realize that everything flows through me as great bounty. Gratitude is the food to creating a joy filled life.

When I am hungry for life it feeds my heart and soul to bring inner peace beyond my imagination. Whatever I appreciate in my life will grow and flourish. So what am I hungry for this fall… Well a big bowl of Curried Carrot soup for starters but also the opportunity to slow down and reflect on the abundance the fall has given me from the seeds I planted in the spring. My heart overflows with all that is and all that will be and for this I am forever grateful.

“Plant smiles. Grow laughter. Harvest love.” Anonymous

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