Are you curious & open to change?

This is where to begin...

What area of your life are is in need of a reset?  No matter what  we work together on , we need to chat first and get to know each other! With a gentle, compassionate and non judgemental conversation this is your opportunity to share your needs and questions. Tell me about the challenges you are currently facing and what you would like to change around any aspect of your life. This is a safe space to talk about what’s been swirling around in your mind. Together during this discovery call, we will decide if we are a right fit and how I can best support in making change in your path… There’s absolutely no charge for our first 30 minute chat.

We can work together via zoom, facetime or skype which ever works best for you

Working Together ...

Planting the seeds

Lasting change begins with self- awareness of what areas of your life are in need of attention. In this initial session, through assessment we discover what areas of your life needs replanting and what tools/modalities you need in order to cultivate vibrant health and wellbeing. 

What is included in our first session together: 

  • an in depth look at what may be nourishing or depleting the body, mind & spirit
  • Steps on how to nurture & nourish this new way of being
  • Inspiration, resources & recommendations to guide your health/wellbeing journey 
  • support via email for questions or clarification for up to a 4 week period

60 - 90 minute session ~ $127

Cultivate Change

 In order to create change it is important to nurture, nourish and care for the seeds you have planted. To support you and to make lasting change I recommend that we keep connecting every 4-6 weeks after the initial session.  

What unfolds in our next session/s together: 

  • celebrate what is working and adjust what is not
  • discuss any struggles that are coming up
  • make any adjustments that will help to keep you growing
  • inspiration and accountability for lasting change

45 minute session ~ $ 79

Grow and Flourish

Sometimes when making a life change we just need a little more support and encouragement to get us over the hump. To do this I offer the TLC Immersion package. 

Whats Included: 

  • Planting the Seeds session
  • 3 Cultivate Change sessions
  • Bonus Cooking Class ($79 value) 

TLC Package ~ $327

Reflective Meditation

 Meditation has become a very important part of  my self care. It has helped me to created this  beautiful inner space of calm and clarity so that I can be in my daily living.  I had an opportunity recently to publish (on Insight Timer) my first mediation.  I invite you to take some time to “Pause. Breathe. Reflect” as I take you on a guided journey to your garden… 

A Garden Where Love Lives...

I have been a farm gal my whole life and have always been captivated at the beauty of Mother Earth. There have been many times in my struggle with self love that I have headed out to my garden and started cleaning it. So empowering and healing. If you are struggling with self worth or feeling you are not enough join me as we walk out to your garden.

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