Welcome... I'm Vicky

 A passionate seeker of all that  feeds and nourishes all aspects of life, I believe that everyone has the opportunity to live a vibrant and healthy life.

The wisdom and teachings I bring to our time together comes from my experiences as a Health Coach,  Culinary Nutritionist, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Mentor and Yoga Teacher.

With an a gentle heart and open mind I empower and inspires you to discover that which nourishes your path and brings joy to your heart.

I live on a family farm in rural Ontario with my husband Roger.

What are truly hungry for ?

Imagine making conscious choices that you feel really good about… 

Now a days we seem to be  juggling so many balls that there are times we are unaware of the parts of us that need some major TLC. When I think of true self care I believe  that Essential Nourishment is what we feed our bodies, Deeper Nourishment is how we feed our lives. Both are important and possible in small bite size pieces.  The first step is to understand your own personal life’s rhythm and to bring awareness to how your life is now. When we feel full and satisfied it can make a difference in how we take care of ourselves.

Are you stuck in a cycle and ready to PLANT  seeds of change? 

Is it time to CULTIVATE a new mindset around what you believe to be true about you and your life?

Is there something deep inside telling you that you that it is time to GROW a life you love?

The right ingredients and tools will guide you to action but cultivating mindfulness with compassion will make all the difference in staying motivated with ease and grace. It is time to eat and live on your terms, my friend. It is okay to desire a vibrant and healthy life, one that allows you to feel confident in your decisions, one that is gratifying and satisfies your deepest hungry. When you meet each moment fresh, with out expectations and make choices that best nourish you then your life will flourish. If you are ready to break free from old habits and behaviours and step into the life you’ve always imagined for your self.

Grab a cup of tea and let's chat ...